Ben McCrosky doesn’t remember the explosion or the noise or the smell or the pain or that someone grabbed him and pulled him out of the light armored vehicle he had been riding in just moments before. The only thing he remembers is the worst part. Read more >

Kayak for Veterans


Tom Davis sounds worn out. In a few days, he will race his handcycle in the New York City Marathon, one of the most famous races in the world. He will fly from his home in Indiana to New York City to compete, but he admits he's not terribly excited about it.

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Bill Anderson dances sometimes as he walks along, for no reason other than because he can.

Considering the fact that doctors operated on the 84-year-old Army veteran’s knees four times and on the rest of him 11 times more, that’s impressive. Add to that two surgeries this year, one for cancer, one for a cataract. Yet as a member of the Rowan County Honor Guard, he still managed to work 177 funerals (missing only 16) through late July, including one for which he came straight from the hospital.

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