What do an Ebola survivor, a tuba player, and an aging runner have in common? A reason for doing what they do. Read more >

What success looks like

At a time when everybody—politicians, teachers, parents, students—points to what’s wrong with the education system, the Charlottean of the Year is determined to show us what’s right. Read more >

She owns the darkness






The bats living in the caves under Humpback Mountain scare some people, but not Sarah Davis. She owns the darkness and has come to terms with what’s in it. 

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Rodney Barber walks from the Starbucks across from Bank of America headquarters into an alley between a parking garage and the Courtyard by Marriott. This is his backstage area. 

He starts to warm up his voice. “I will find a way to worship the Lord,” he sings. He sways, sometimes right, sometimes left. He taps his foot, stretches to his tiptoes, leans back to his heels, and pops his fingers. The words come out strong, true, and crooked—he sings out of the right side of his mouth.

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My month off of social media

The connections we all have created on Facebook and Twitter are connections between the people we wish we were and the people they wish they were. We present only the best versions of ourselves and want to find approval of that higher us. These social media connections become useless because they lack transparency. Put another way, Facebook is overrun with adoring praise under pictures of grotesquely ugly cats. Read more >